What Is Psychic Channeling?

The best online psychics possess abilities that can channel spirits. Though it is not for the amateur, with time and practice, channeling spirits can be done easily. A person must open themselves up, and they must allow the spirit world to use their body as an oracle, which it can flow through.

When a spirit takes over a person during a channeling session, they can use their mouth, mind, eyes, limbs and voice. They can speak, gesture, or even write. Channeling is used to get answers from the spirit world when a loved one or friend has passed. Those with this powerful gift often use it to comfort those who are grieving. Some may use it to get answers, specifically, when an entity is haunting a building or a person.

The Controversial Process

Channeling a spirit should only be done by someone who has the proper training. Open oneself up to the spirit world can be very risky. You never know who or what is going to come through this open circuit.

Yes, while someone may think they are contacting their grandfather or some other kind entity, there are also demons that can come through the open door. When you open this portal, you may be surprised who shows up. Additionally, remember that there are good and bad spirits both in life and in death.

You cannot always believe what a spirit is telling you. In many cases, a spirit will say things at first that seem to be cohesive, then it may change and begin saying things that are nasty or untruthful. If an entry starts to show these signs, it is important for the one who is channeling to shut down all communication.

Just like you turn off a light switch, the one channeling must learn how to shut off communications with the other side.

Dealing With The Demonic Side

Channeling puts a person at great risk within their own spirit. Having spiritual guides and strong warriors in close proximity is imperative as is being surrounded by the white light of the Holy Spirit. If a medium contacts a demonic force, it already has control of the body. It can easily possess this person at that point.

Only through exorcisms can the demonic forces be vacated from the body. Most generally, mediums are the ones who can channel, though their gifts are not limited to any such specificity.

Anyone can learn how to become intuitive and open themselves up to this sixth sense. Because demons can mimic anyone they want to, it can be a game of trust for the person opening themselves. For instance, if a person is trying to contact their sister who died in a crash, a demonic entity can first represent the sister. However, it is not long before they show their true colors. At this point, things can get scary for an untrained person. However, having a strong support group is imperative while learning the process.

Understanding Channeling

For those who perhaps don’t understand the process of channeling, think of it as a television set tuned to a show. A person turns on the set, and the television set acts as an oracle. It picks up the frequency from satellites in space, and then it allows the signal to be transferred into a picture with sound.

When a person taps into the supernatural world, they allow a spirit to use their body to convey a message. In most cases, the messages are of hope, love, and to comfort those dealing with a horrific situation. Just as you turn off the television when you are done watching, a medium channeling must shut off the signal.

Spirit Guides

The Use of Spirit Guides

Spirit guides have become quite popular in today’s society. People recognize that there is a force that watches over them keeping them from harm. Think of a spirit guide as a guardian angel. They should be present during all communication with the supernatural world. They are a protection from evil.

These disincarnate spirits act as a protector of living beings. Among the best online psychics, Indians, and some religious sects, it is believed that each person has a spirit guide that goes with them throughout their life. They can help them in the time of trouble, offer protection in precarious situations, and they are an unseen friend.

Many people believe that these spirit guides are humans that have passed on before. These guides can be in the cosmic realm too. These guides may be from former lifetimes with a debt to repay. The other side chooses who gets paired with what guide. Even some evangelical churches believe in personal angels and guides.

They use the scriptural reference when Peter was in jail in Acts 12:15. Peter escaped, and he was knocking at the door. They were frightened, and they thought it was his spirit guide and not the man. So, spirit guides have been used since Biblical times, and they are still widely believed to be in existence today. When channeling any spirits, a spirit guide standing alongside is important.

Automatic Writing

During times of channeling, spirits converse in different manors. For some, they use what is called automatic writing. Automatic writing occurs when a person, overtaken by a spirit, uses their hands to write a message to those around. It can be in pictures or spelled out in letter form.

Automatic writing has been experienced since Biblical Times too. This phenomenon is something that frightens many, but it is just as natural as speaking. Many ghosts or entities prefer to use gestures rather than to audibly speak. Speaking takes a great deal of energy to occur. You never know which method of communication an entity will choose to use. It has a lot to do with their personality and their preferences too.

Using The Same Entities Time and Again

Lastly, those who are fully trained in contacting the spirit world know all about repeat entities. Some entities are attracted to specific people. There may be a connection on the other side, or they may just like the person. Some mediums, learn to depend on these entities to give them truthful answers and help them help others.

Channeling can be a wonderful tool used during a séance or psychic reading. However, it is something that should be used with caution. Only those who fully understand and know how to turn it on and off should attempt such a task.

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